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EMFShield™ Desk Pad

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EMF Is At The Office

Colleagues at the office often share concerns about eye strain from screens, health problems caused by sedentary activities, and maintaining mental wellness as workloads increase. Rarely are the invisible dangers of all-day exposer to EMF, WiFi, and 5G discussed. This exposer is greatest when using the internet and making direct contact with your computer. Since you're more conductive than devices, your body will absorb these harmful charges like a sponge. Once absorbed, these wreak havoc by damaging DNA, impeding cellular regeneration, and increasing the body's core temperature. Sound familiar? These factors are why you're tired, inattentive, and constantly too hot then too cold at work. So try our new EMFShield™ solutions today for a better, more promotion-worthy you tomorrow!

About This Desk Pad

Our new EMFShield™ Desk Pad gives you the same detoxification and rejuvenation benefits as our premium Gold Biohacker™ Bed Cover, now in the comfort of your office. Whether on-site or remotely, you can now counter harmful EMF, WiFi, and 5G waves wherever you work with FDA Determined NanoBionic® Far Infrared Technology for faster recovery, 99.9% Real Nano Silver Lining for cooling sanitation, and ESD Grounding to balance bodily charges.

  • Travel-friendly design made of self-sanitizing materials.
  • Active ESD Grounding that mitigates all EMF, WiFi, and 5G on contact.
  • Soft, durable fabric with advanced cooling for all-day comfort.
  • Compatible with most office desks and tables.

What Is EMF & How Does It Affect Me?

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