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Improving Lives Through Technology

Origins Of Cutting-Edge Comfort

Did you know that carbon atoms and human DNA each have 6 electrons, protons, and neutrons? And that both share a similar 3-dimensional hexagonal structure. This honeycomb shape is perfect for providing support, strength, and flexibility. Just as you'd expect from the building blocks of life! By embracing this unique blend of qualities our products remain in tune with nature while providing superior comfort to sleepers worldwide. With this fundamental understanding, mattress industry veteran and sleep innovator John Baxter created the one-and-only Detox Bed®. Along with the help of expert doctors like Dr. Carder, bright engineers, and American manufactures, the perfect mattress for the masses was brought to market. Complete with sustainably sourced, high-grade materials and patented comfort technologies that work in harmony to give you a soothing night's sleep and brighter mornings.

Detoxifying Comfort Technologies

Grounding & EMF Shielding Normalizes currents within the body and actively shields against EMF, Wifi, 5G, and cell radiation on contact.

Neutralize Free Radicals Quality materials and patented designs mitigate oxidative stress for improved cellular performance.

Nanobionic® Recovery Determined by the FDA, Nanobionic® technology can speed recovery times and mobility by increasing circulation.

Cooling Sanitation Real nano silver ion technology keeps it clean while conductive cooling maintains comfort.

Meet The Makers Of Detox Bed®

John Baxter Co-Founder/President

Dr. Greg Carder Co-Founder/Vice President

Mike Starnes Chief Technology Officer

Tony Gallo Chief Operation Officer

Gavin Elliot General Council

Dedicated To Making A Difference

Detox Bed® donates 1% of its sales to Operation Honey Bee (501c3). This accredited non-profit has created more pollinator awareness than any other in the world. Please join us in helping them spread awareness and persevere our pollinators by donating to Operation Honey Bee or by purchasing Detox Bed® products through this website.