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Detox Bed® Technology

Soothing Nights, Brighter Mornings

After decades of repackaging the same comfort technologies, what more does the typical mattress offer sleepers like you? Beyond the best comfort available, the patented Detox Bed® technology fine-tunes your body and mind while you enjoy the most satisfying sleep of your life. Make every good morning better with a new Detox Bed® mattress. You deserve better, that's our specialty.

Can Your Mattress Do This?

5 Levels Of True Detoxification

1. Neutralize Free Radicals

Neutralizes damage on a cellular level through electron donation negative ion information age technology. Reducing Oxidative Stress by repairing your free radical damage statically. Assisting the human body in the form of accelerated repair and regeneration. Stay within 1” of the top mattress cover. Clinical studies and cited reports include increasing blood viscosity and massively reducing inflammation. The core technology of the Detox Bed®.

2. FDA Determined (FIR) Far Infrared Technology

Far Infrared, a well-documented and advanced technology used healthcare industry, is part of the Detox Bed® Recharging system. Detox Bed® is activated by your body heat, producing gentle penetrating waves of health benefiting Far Infrared. Experience the Detox Bed.  If you do not experience an amazing night of sleep - we will take it back, no questions. The Detox Bed® is FDA determined.  Our NanoBionic™Technology enhances cellular recovery, increases your general wellness, recharges your system as you sleep, and gives temporary increase in local blood flow, while you sleep or lie in the Detox Bed.

3. EMF Shielding Technology

Every Detox Bed® model comes with this feature, the ability to shield yourself from harmful or unwanted emf, wifi, cell tower or 5G. Electromagnetic frequency can cause distortions in both health and a good night sleep. Detox Bed® shields you from many types of radiation.  Our technology will not damage your electronics, and in the same way, if you are sleeping with your phone on your chest - Detox Bed® cannot shield you from a phone you are in contact with.

4. 100% Pure NANOag Technology

NANOag tech provides the "charging unit" for our bed rest technology.  Precious minerals are costly, but effective, all our products meet our stringent manufacturing standards. Documented clinical trials prove that our NANOag technology is anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti odor, and ANTI VIRAL. AG, a precious element, provides ions that give microbes and viruses a mechanical death, viruses simply do not survive on the Detox Bed. Detox bed® provides sheer ionic protective strength - while you sleep.  A cocoon of safety.

5. EMF Dome for Maximum Shielding

The next level of shielding – sold separately over the mattress. Completely blocks EMF from all angels. Feel the complete discharge of the modern toxic environment by completely detoxifying yourself from these harmful waves.

3 Levels Of Comfort Adjustment

1. Superior Pressure Relief

Sustainable non-toxic USA made foams shipped directly out of Atlanta, GA.

2. Conductivity Cooling Technology

Body heat is spread to other areas of the mattress for heat dissipation. One of the amazing benefits and additional features of our NANOag Technology.

3. Custom Comfort Adjustable Bed

From the Pioneer of The Zero Gravity Sleep Position Zero Gravity Bed (TM) No one knows Adjustable beds better than our founder created the original Zero Gravity Bed™ the set the benchmark in the adjustable bed movement. Elevate the comfort of your new Detox Bed® with an adjustable bed featuring the Zero Gravity Position system. It empowers each sleeper to dial-in the comfort of their side of the bed. You can even store these setting for convenient use in the future.

2 Levels of Monitoring Sleep

1. Voltage Meter

Verifies activation, action and performance of our technology – have the information readily available that proves the technology you sleep on. Watch our technology mitigated free radical via ESD electric static discharge of free radicals and detox your sleep environment.

2. Bio Tracker Integrated Sleep Tracking App

Sleep Vital Monitoring - Enjoy the benefits of our integrated sleep app that tracks, analyzes, and provides helpful recommendations for achieving more restful sleep more consistently.


Our Ion Mound Resistor regulates the constant flow of negatively charged electrons and ions onto the Detox Bed. Removes the unwanted free radicals or static charge from the body. The Mound Resistor is a safety regulator between you and the ground and must be plugged in to connect.