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ViraShield™ Bed Cover

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Sanitize During Sleep

The ViraShield™ Bed Cover by Detox Bed® extends the detoxifying sleep experience to any standard fits 8-12" mattress while protecting your investment from stains and dander. It even reduces surface contaminates using woven nano silver to maintain optimal wellness.

  • Twin XL Mattress (38" X 80" X 10")
  • Queen Mattress (60" X 80" X 10")
  • King Mattress (76" X 80" X 10")
  • California King Mattress (72" X 84" X 10")

Every so often, some bedding company will roll out some “new” technology offering us the promise of pain relief, enhanced recovery. Maybe even just a good night’s sleep and, in the past, it was usually a let-down. The Detox Bed is different. From the first night and every night. Thereafter I was able to notice a significantly enhanced sleep, deeper sleep, more restful sleep. A more refreshed sense of well being and recovery upon arising.

Happy Detox Bed® Customer Dr. Greg Carder

Sleep Sanitation & Clean Bed Technology

Cooling Sanitation

Real nano silver ion technology keeps it clean while conductive cooling maintains comfort throughout each phase of the sleep cycle. Meaning deeper, fuller sleep each and every night.

Pure Nano Silver Lining

Bed Cover is interwoven with high quality rare earth element including 99.9% pure Nano Silver. It increases conductivity, cooling, anti microbial and anti odor qualities.

Bed Cover Replacement Only

Fits Standard Sizes 8-12" depth zippered replacement cover for use on existing mattress. Wire assembly included!

Made In The USA

Care Details

Bed Cover

To wash the Bed Cover, simply remove the cord assembly. Wash using either castille unscented soap or gentle cleaning soaps like hand soap. Hand soak, hand wash, and hang dry. Gentle machine setting wash & dry only. Delicate wash setting and gentle dry setting only.

10 Year Warranty

  • Bed Cover 1 Year Full - 9 Year Prorated.

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